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Internal Relations

Sepehr Research & Knowledge Development - knowledge-based

Industrial partners inside Iran

Cultural Partners:

  • Social affairs department of the municipality of Alborz province
  • Sports Organization of Alborz Municipality
  • Karaj Special Governorate Alborz
  • Islamic Guidance Office Alborz Province
  • Engineering Organization
  • City Council of Alborz Province
  • Alborz Elite Foundation
  • Applied Scientific University of Karaj-Ghand Unit
  • Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Alborz Province
  • Khaje-nasireddinToosi planetarium and Observatory, Karaj

Media Relations:

  • Nojum monthly magazine.
  • Aseman-e-Shab TV Program.
  • Channel 4 Tolou-e-Danesh, TV program.
  • Channel 4 Charkh TV Program.
  • Channel 4 Radio Danesh.
  • Cheragh Khamoush, radio Tehran.