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Projects & Future Plans

Sepehr Research & Knowledge Development - knowledge-based

  • Conceptual Design of Iran’s National Observatory Telescope
  • National Observatory Equipment Installation and support in Peaks
    Main tower is a cylinder of diameter 10 meters and 23 meters height with a 3.5 meters high dome to be built on it.
  • Cosmological Evening Project
    Regarding the professional activities of our science based company we feel the need to enhance our knowledge of astronomy so we decided to make it scientifically entertaining.
  • Workshops to discuss topics about opto-mechanical instruments (e.g: Telescopes and Planetariums) and we have been capable of running two of them so far.
  • Design and construction of Size measurement tool of small particles with the method of light Scattering (DLS)
    This instrument is highly used in lots of industrial and research laboratories so constructing a high precision measurement tool would be a big concern. Therefore our team is focused to construct commercial samples of this instrument being produced only by UK, USA and Germany.
  • Design and Supervision of Saturn-like dome project on Alvand Tower
  • A Zohalgoon Dome which is a minimized model of Saturun is a project for the general beautification of a Alvand Tower.
  • Design and construction of a 450 tons headstock for the national observatory as the first piece of its telescope
    National observatory telescope construction entered a new phase after adding this hydrostatic headstock. Though having 42 tonnes of load can move with the pressure of a finger and our team managed to get the smoothness of the device to 5 microns.
  • Consulting services (supervising) for Baraz Village Observatory construction
  • Consulting services (supervising) for Najaf Abad Observatory construction
  • Design and construction of a telescope with a wide field of view
  • Design and construction of infrared Spectrometer using Fourier transform
  • National observatory telescope Control System first Part instrumentation